How to Prepare for SpeakOut

Get Ready for Your Summer Mission!

Overview of SpeakOut

SpeakOut began in 1995 and is a joint Slovak-American mission project. Slovak student leaders from our local ministries will join you to share their faith, learn and grow alongside American students. Slovaks and Americans together form the “SpeakOut Staff”- those who have taken on the role of reaching out to SpeakOut campers with God’s love.

Each year at SpeakOut, God works in the lives of high school  students as they hear about Christ and His love. The students come for a one week conversational English camp. They tell us they appreciate the open and non-threatening environment in which to think about Christian ideas.

Tutor Groups

  • You lead between three to five Slovak students: spend time with them each day, both formally and informally,
  • Read through easy English parables with the students. It creates a starting point to talk about what is happening in the story and deeper questions that it raises.
  • Afternoons are ideal for spending quality time with your students relationally.

Evening activities

  • Parties like American Culture night, staff hunt, or other ways to have fun and bond with campers.

The power of the SpeakOut experience is seen as the entire week’s activities and conversations fit together. We don’t just meet with students, telling them basic points of how to become a Christian.  We also spend time with them, sharing our lives so they can see how Jesus Christ has changed who we are. We hang out and talk about the Bible and our beliefs. Slovak students see in our words and actions just who Jesus Christ is and are captured by His beauty.  

It’s truly a powerful combination!  


The camp is located at a small village in northern Slovakia. The village is a starting point for trips to the Tatra mountainsZdiar, Slovakia.

Ways to Prepare for SpeakOut

"It was the first time I left the country and my first summer mission. I didn't really know what to expect. But guess what? I met the most amazing people and had the most wonderful experiences. I met people who were loud, rowdy and incredibly funny. I met people who loved the Lord unconditionally and for the first time I got to see what that meant for me. I got to be a part of a community whose love and support were never in question. Love you all!“
Recenzia SpeakOut
SpeakOut Volunteer