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SpeakOut English Camp

Your Summer Mission Trip to the Central Europe!


 SpeakOut is a loving and caring environment that exists to raise up passionate multiplying disciples who build student-led movements across Slovakia and beyond.

This is a chance to take a step of faith in a fun environment for Christ. This is a unique Cru Summer Project! American university students will come together with Slovak university and high school students to reach many Slovak students with the gospel.


SpeakOut is a conversational English language camp. You will be a tutor at the camp, helping Slovak students develop their conversational English skills just by speaking with them. It’s in these conversations that you’ll have the opportunity to present the news of Christ’s love and watch God use you in another person’s life.

STEP OUT and share the Gospel with Slovak students – something that more than 90% of them have never heard!

GROW in your faith and knowledge of the Word, helping others to do the same, in order to…

MAKE A MARK on Slovakia and the rest of the world!

Inward Growth

​Inward growth comes in the form of personal discipleship. At SpeakOut you will be mentored by a group leader. During group discipleship time you will study the Bible together, share your joys and concerns, and encourage one another to grow closer to Christ through your experiences at SpeakOut. 

Outward growth

One way outward growth happens is through evangelism training. Cru staff will help provide training for all SpeakOut staff using 3 different tools: Soularium, 3 Circles diagram, and Knowing God personally brochure. It is our desire to equip you for ministry during your time in Slovakia, and for when you return to your university campus back home!

Since 1980, Cru has been declaring and displaying the Gospel amongst the people of Slovakia. Through Agape Slovensko, the high school and university ministry in Slovakia, Cru reaches out to students throughout the country. American and Slovak staff members work year-round in Slovakia to organize evangelistic events reaching out to Slovak youth. SpeakOut is a vital part of Agape’s strategy to reach students for Christ. SpeakOut is often the first contact students have with Agape Slovensko. Some of our Slovak staff members actually came to know the Lord at SpeakOut!

Agape Slovensko = CRU Slovakia

SpeakOut Loud is a believers camp held the week after SpeakOut. Campers who are already believers, trusted Christ at SpeakOut or are truly seeking to know who Jesus is are invited back to this long weekend. It allows us to teach on some basics of the faith like Identity in Christ, Assurance of Salvation, Who is the Holy Spirit, ect. It helps to bridge the gap for these new believers that may not have discipleship for a month and a half after trusting Christ, as they travel for the rest of the summer.

"Deciding to go to SpeakOut is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. I remember the days leading up to campers arrival being extremely nervous and anxious. I remember praying that I would be able to connect with just one camper. I was amazed by the group I got to lead. Every single one of them now feels like a little sister who I can love and point towards God. I feel so incredibly blessed that I can keep in touch with them even after camp is long over. To anyone considering volunteering I would say DO IT as it will be one of the most life changing, wonderful experiences of your life."
Kenzi SpeakOut volunteer
SpeakOut Volunteer


Prayerfully consider how God would have you invest your summer. Ask yourself some questions like:

  • What are my summer plans?
  • Are they worth my time?
  • Are they glorifying to God?
  • Are they good for my spiritual growth?
Do feel like joining the SpeakOut English Summer Camp? Let us know! You can click here for more information on preparation for this mission trip.